What to expect

Sessions begin with an extensive intake to assess medical history, physical functions, lifestyle habits, environmental influences and stress. Diagnostic procedures include examination of tongue and pulses and palpation to detect areas of deficiency or stagnation. Depending on patient preferences and indicated treatment protocols, massage, acupressure, acupuncture, heat therapy or moxabustion, essential oils, cupping, or various other techniques may be applied. Individually tailored herbal formulas will usually be prepared, and dietary/exercise recommendations suggested for daily maintenance between visits.

It is a good idea to come to your first appointment adequately fed and hydrated, and wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

To inquire further or schedule a first appointment, please contact [email protected]

We bill health insurance

If you’d like us to check your insurance coverage, you can email [email protected] at your earliest convenience with the following details:

Your full name:
Your date of birth:
Primary subscriber’s full name (if not you):
Primary subscriber’s date of birth:
Member ID:
Insurance company:
Insurance company phone number for providers:

If you are unable to provide this information prior to your appointment please expect to pay in full at the time of service; later remittance credit will be applied to your account. Please be aware that, unfortunately, benefit information provided by the insurance company is not a guarantee of reimbursement but in most cases is an accurate gauge of what to expect. We try to minimize expense to our clients whenever possible!