Whole Medicine

Whole Medicine

Classical Chinese Medicine

Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) is a comprehensive medical system based on the writings and oral lineages of various sage-physicians over the past 3,000+ years. It provides profound understandings and treatments of the whole person. Just as energy is understood as both a particle and a wave, the body can be seen as dense, solid matter as well as an electromagnetic field, with the tangible and intangible constantly informing one another—both in pathogenesis and in the healing of imbalances. A holistic approach in the truest sense, CCM recognizes the interplay between mental, emotional, spiritual and physical manifestations.

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Acupuncture, acupressure & massage

From sinew to bone marrow, subtle pathways of energy called meridians flow through the body, sustaining, informing and connecting each cell. The many modalities employed in CCM are designed to influence this meridian network, bringing the whole being into equilibrium. Acupuncture, acupressure, and massage tap into certain points along the meridians that direct specialized messages to the body. Depending on which types of meridians are being addressed, tight muscles can be relaxed, metabolism quickened, or internal organs purged of latent pathology.

Herbal & dietary medicine

Herbal and dietary medicine also enter specific meridians, and each substance’s taste, energetic temperature, and empirical functions determine which organ networks should be impacted and how. Combinations of herbs or foods prescribed provide a balanced, complementary formula that addresses all aspects of a patient’s condition.

What to Expect

Sessions begin with an extensive intake to assess medical history, physical functions, lifestyle habits, environmental influences and stress. Diagnostic procedures include examination of tongue and pulses and palpation to detect areas of deficiency or stagnation. Depending on patient preferences and indicated treatment protocols, massage, acupressure, acupuncture, heat therapy or moxabustion, essential oils, cupping, or various other techniques may be applied. Individually tailored herbal formulas will usually be prepared, and dietary/exercise recommendations suggested for daily maintenance between visits.

Deep relaxation

The needles used for acupuncture are very fine, sterile and disposable. Their insertion is rarely painful and actually allows patients the chance to experience the sensation of energy flowing through their meridians. Often treatments produce deep relaxation, diminishing physical tension and emotional stress. Many patients make use of their quiet time on the treatment table to sleep, meditate or work with their breath to enhance the healing effects.

Course of treatment

Course of treatment varies for each individual, depending upon constitution, chronicity, compliance, and response to treatment. For an acute condition, frequent treatment for a short duration is usually indicated. For a more in-depth constitutional condition, it can be an ongoing process. CCM was traditionally used to prevent illness, since energetic patterns of imbalance can be detected long before symptoms and disease emerge. This type of treatment is brief, simple and very effective. Seasonal cleanses, enhancing fertility, and supporting a healthy pregnancy are examples where one might employ Chinese medicine while not experiencing overt pain or discomfort.